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Defending against assault and battery charges

The details surrounding assault and battery charges are not always so cut and dry. New Jersey residents may be interested to know that there exists a number of defenses that can be presented to the court. Depending upon the specifics of the case, the individual charged may provide evidence or testimony to support their claim that they acted in defense of self, other individuals or property, or that the other person consented to the action.

Man charged with possession after receiving LSD package

On March 27, it was reported that a New Jersey man was taken into custody after authorities alleged that he accepted a package that contained LSD. He was ultimately charged with a number of drug offenses, including possession and possession with intent to distribute.

Man fighting criminal record for gun possession

On March 18, it was announced that an attorney for a New Jersey man who was convicted of second-degree unlawful possession in 2013 was challenging his criminal record. According to the attorney, the state had a firearm amnesty in place when the accused man was taken into custody, meaning that he should not have been charged. The firearm amnesty, which was in effect between August 2013 and February 2014, allowed individuals to be in possession of firearms that were acquired either legally or illegally.

Police investigation results in multiple drug possession charges

Two men and one woman were detained in New Jersey after police allegedly witnessed them conducting a drug transaction in a parking lot. A lieutenant from the Bayonne Police said that they met in two vehicles outside a check-cashing store on East 53rd. After the vehicles drove away, police pulled them over.

New Jersey student detained on drug charges

An 18-year-old New Jersey high school student was detained on Feb. 13 after police allegedly found narcotic pills and under 50 grams of marijuana in her vehicle that was parked in the school's parking lot. Police and K-9 units spent about two hours on the unannounced drug sweep that also included a study hall and student lockers.

2 men in New Jersey charged for possession and distribution

At 10:23 p.m. on Feb. 5, police in Bayonne allegedly noticed a drug deal take place near the intersection of Broadway and West 18th Street. A 58-year-old man walked up to a vehicle that was double parked and participated in a transaction with the 33-year-old driver. Afterwards, the 58-year-old man left the scene on foot, and the 33-year-old man drove away.

4 facing drug crimes following investigation

New Jersey residents may be interested in the story of four people who have recently been detained on drug charges. The charges reportedly range from possession to distribution of both heroin and marijuana.

New Jersey man facing drug charges

A Manville man is facing several drug-related charges following a traffic stop search that occurred on Sept. 20. According to authorities, an officer pulled the 20-year-old man over for operating his vehicle without the headlights on. The officer reportedly noted what he thought to be the scent of marijuana emanating from the car and performed a search with the driver's consent. The officer uncovered a bag of marijuana and a glass bong during the search and proceeded to take the man into custody. He is facing several drug possession charges and a charge for failure to maintain headlights.

Man charged with taking marijuana into courthouse

Police in New Jersey took a 32-year-old man into custody on drug-related charges after he allegedly brought marijuana and other prohibited items into a Fort Lee courthouse on Oct. 2. The man was already facing other drug-related charges and was on his way to a court hearing when police detained him.

Owner of tattoo shop accused of selling synthetic marijuana

On Sept. 12, authorities announced that the owner of a New Jersey tattoo parlor had been charged for allegedly selling synthetic marijuana. The 41-year-old owner of a shop in Wildwood was charged for third-degree drug possession and second-degree distribution of synthetic marijuana as well as second-degree distribution of synthetic marijuana within 500 feet of a public area.

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