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How can I reinstate a driver's license?

If you have been a licensed driver in New Jersey for any length of time, you know that there are many things that may ultimately lead you to have your driving privileges suspended for a while. If this happens, it will be important for you to know how you may get your license reinstated.

Points and license suspension in New Jersey

Whether you have been a licensed driver in New Jersey for a long time or are newly licensed here, you will likely know that the state can and does track any type of traffic ticket you receive. As explained by the State of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, the repercussions on your record of a moving violation will depend in part upon the reason for the violation.

Were you really speeding?

If you are like most everyone else in Ocean City, then at some you point, you have likely had to try and come up with a good answer for the question “Do you know what the speed limit is on this road?” Yet there may have been times where you legitimately did not know how to respond due to a lack of familiarity with an area or a failure to have the speed limit clearly posted. In such an instance, you may justified in questioning an alleged violation. Understanding what the expected speed limit is in a certain area may help you in contesting the claim that you were speeding.

Multiple charges levied against man

New Jersey residents who may be concerned about being arrested for a criminal offense should learn that sometimes being stopped for one incident may actually result in them being accused of multiple offenses. These situations can be very unnerving and make a defendant wonder if there is any hope of defending against so many charges. At this time, keeping a focus on the fact that the law does provide such an opportunity is important.

Declawing a cat may become illegal

New Jersey residents are generally familiar with many things that may result in them being charged with criminal offenses. Shoplifting, spousal abuse and driving after drinking too much are a few examples. However, there may well be some things that people would not think about as criminal actions that may well be. While the charges might be minor, they can nonetheless be criminal and be on a person's record.

How to restore your driving privileges

Have you received a letter in the mail from the State of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission saying that your driver's license has been suspended? If so, you are not alone. You are also not alone if you are surprised by this fact. It might feel hard to believe but it is true that you can be notified of something like this that has a pretty major impact on your daily life by a simple letter in the mail. What can you do when this happens?

New law may help some stay out of jail

People in New Jersey might be pleased that a new year has finally begun. No matter the circumstances, it seems that people all over often seek a fresh start. This may be due to financial problems, relationship challenges or even legal issues. For those in New Jersey who find themselves facing criminal charges, this new year might be a bit more positive than last year.

Shoplifting charges in New Jersey

When considering the range of theft-related criminal charges that are possible, New Jersey residents may consider shoplifting to be relatively insignificant. While certainly it may be a lesser offense than some other charges, it is nothing to take lightly or ignore. There may still be serious penalties for a shoftlifting conviction depending upon the circumstances.

Points assessed for traffic violations in New Jersey

If you drive in New Jersey, it is important that you have an understanding of how the state evaluates different types of traffic infractions. Not every ticket or citation is considered equal, essentially. In addition to unique fines, each type of citation may result in a specific number of points that may be added to your driving record.

Driving points and records in New Jersey

Have you ever received a traffic ticket in New Jersey? If you are like most people, you have had at least one ticket in your lifetime. This does not mean that you are a dangerous driver although sometimes the law can make you feel that way. Even driving five miles over the speed limit can find you facing fines and even points on your driving record.

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