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What is a hate crime?

Law enforcement is cracking down on perpetrators of violence who are motivated by racial or ethnic reasons. However, a lot of misinformation remains on what constitutes a hate crime is and what type of penalties follow these offenses. The Washington Post aims clear up this confusion by answering commonly asked questions about hate crimes.

What are the differences between robbery, burglary and theft?

If you are a New Jersey resident charged with allegedly committing one or more stealing crimes, you may be unclear about the differences between robbery, burglary and theft. As FindLaw explains, all three of these crimes relate to each other, but they are distinctly different

A brief overview of gun laws in NJ

Like many people across the United States, there are New Jersey residents who value their right to bear arms, whether for home defense, hunting or as a hobby. However, owning a gun in the Garden State involves more than deciding on a whim to make a purchase from just anyone. Those who do not take the proper steps to register and purchase firearms may face criminal charges.

Woman accused of murder in stabbing death

News reports of alleged crimes in New Jersey in which people are injured or killed can sometimes make it hard for the public to get a full view of what may have happened. Many times there are minimal details provided. Those details not included in reports may well change a person's opinion on the guilt or innocence of a defendant.

Sexual violence in New Jersey

When you hear or read about a person being accused of a crime in New Jersey, it is all to easy to be misled by the reports as often they seem to leave open little possibility that a defendant might not actually be guilty. Many details are omitted in public reports of arrests for various offenses. Criminal charges involving sexual conduct is one such type of offense. It is important for people who have been accused of a sexually related crime to understand what the law considers illegal.

Man accused of abusing former student

People in New Jersey who are accused of serious criminal offenses should always know that there are many nuances to the laws that may help them in their defense processes. One thing that often comes to light is the difference between what it takes to have a person found guilty of a crime versus what it takes to find a person responsible of a civil accusation. It can sometimes be for this reason that people are not always charged with crimes but may still sometimes be sought after in a civil lawsuit.

Understanding what may be considered terrorism

New Jersey residents today should not be unfamiliar with reports of suspected terrorist activity. This is something that may be part of news headlines on a relatively regular basis whether domestically or internationally. But, just what might constitute an allegation of terrorism? Understanding this is important for anyone who finds themselves a target of such an allegation.

Defense requests change of venue for trial

When New Jersey residents must experience trials after being charged with criminal offenses have rights just as much as do other people. One of these most basic rights is a fair trial. In some cases, this may not be possible and therefore defense teams may seek to request a new location for trials. Such is the case today for one man facing charges of attempted murder.

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