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New jersey's marijuana laws: changes on the horizon

With a long line of states already having legalized marijuana on some level, New Jersey may not be far behind. While medical marijuana assists countless patients in need, these changes in laws could also mean positive news for those worried about facing drug charges. Recent news indicates that modifications to state laws may be taking place even sooner than expected. 

According to an news post from last month, Governor Phil Murphy stands behind not only the legislation legalizing the drug, but the taxation of recreational marijuana. The governor's proposal included $60 million in tax revenue from legalized weed. Although the popular voice among other lawmakers reflects doubts over these changes, Murphy nevertheless claims it should benefit tax revenue and slow down spiking incarceration rates. The article later shares that Murphy may have planned to seek a constitutional amendment, in which he would inquire about legal marijuana to voters. Meanwhile, other lawmakers have taken smaller steps, considering to decriminalize marijuana in New Jersey.

In other recent news, North Jersey states that Murphy has made efforts to expand the state's medical marijuana program -- a change that would open the door to thousands of new customers. Murphy added that the state should have led the nation in the progression of legalizing weed, but that his Republican predecessor placed too many limitations in years past. New Jersey's medical marijuana program currently assists about 18,000 patients, a branch that Murphy has also now included under the state's health department. North Jersey also notes that the governor aims to first make advancements in the state's medical marijuana laws, later moving to laws regarding recreational use. Disputes on the topic may continue, but meanwhile, laws appear to be undergoing change.   



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