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Commercial drivers lose privilege with DUI conviction

One New Jersey driver slipped through a loophole and managed to keep his commercial license after his fourth arrest for drunk driving. According to the USA Today's Daily Record, although the defendant had two previous convictions, both had happened ten or more years before he applied for a commercial license. The law requires courts to count DUI (or DWI) convictions that follow attainment of the license, so his commercial driving privileges had not seemed to be at stake.

What is a defiant trespasser?

If you are a New Jersey resident who has been charged with trespass, you need to know exactly what you are accused of having done. New Jersey has several trespassing laws, and one of the most interesting is that of defiant trespassing.

What happens when you get caught driving while intoxicated?

The New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety will tell you drinking and driving is not worth it. The risk of inflicting serious injury or even causing death should be enough to keep anyone away from the driver's seat after a night out with friends. If it is not and police catch you intoxicated behind the wheel, the DHTS provides information about what you can expect next.

Attorney General says prosecute pot users

New Jersey is one of 29 states, plus Washington, D.C., to have legalized marijuana in some form. Some states, such as California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Nevada and Maine, have legalized, or at least decriminalized, the recreational use of marijuana. Washington, D.C., has done likewise. All of these states regulate and tax the production and sale of marijuana, bringing substantial revenues into state coffers.

Understanding misdemeanor classification in New Jersey

It is usually difficult, at least at first, for an individual accustomed to the legal language of other states, or to a more generalized popular terminology, to understand the definitions and gradations of crimes in New Jersey. This is due in part to the fact that the state uses an indictable and non-indictable classification rather than a misdemeanor and felony system. Here are some of the special challenges that face an individual accused of a non-indictable offense in the Garden State, such as theft under $200, assault, shoplifting or a traffic violation.

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