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Understanding plea bargains

Entering into a plea bargain can be a very useful and practical strategy for a New Jersey resident charged with committing a crime. Before doing so, however, the defendant should know exactly what he or she is agreeing to and exactly what the consequences of that agreement will be.

New Jersey's age of consent laws

If you are like most people in New Jersey, you have become aware of the many media stories across the nation that report on alleged sexual abuse or contact between adults and minors. This might include teachers being found in bed with students for example. In some cases, criminal charges are levied against the adult in the matter. Every state has its own laws when it comes to statutory rape or other offenses like endangering the welfare of a child or child lewdness. The age of the youngest person involved often is a factor in determining what if any charges are faced.

Four allegedly smoking pot at country club

While many states around the country have legalized the use of marijuana for recreational purposes, New Jersey is not one of them. Even if this law does ever change, it may well be that persons under the age of 21 would not be allowed to use the drug just like with alcohol. This is the standard for other states that have legalized pot recreationally. In the meantime, no person is allowed to smoke or otherwise consume marijuna in the state for enjoyment.

Are Breathalyzers always accurate?

If a law enforcement official stops you in New Jersey and believes you have been drinking, you can expect that he or she will probably request that you take a breath test in an attempt to get a better idea of your level of intoxication. Conducted using devices called Breathalyzers, breath tests almost always come into account when you face a drinking and driving charge, but are they always accurate? Not entirely.

Avoid drunk driving charges while in college

Attending college is an exciting time for students in New Jersey and elsewhere. Whether this is your first or last year in a university, you might have become accustomed to a big part of college life – drinking. At the Law Offices of Michael T. Nolan, Jr., we know how important it is to strike a good balance between enjoying your college years and staying out of trouble.

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