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Sexual violence in New Jersey

When you hear or read about a person being accused of a crime in New Jersey, it is all to easy to be misled by the reports as often they seem to leave open little possibility that a defendant might not actually be guilty. Many details are omitted in public reports of arrests for various offenses. Criminal charges involving sexual conduct is one such type of offense. It is important for people who have been accused of a sexually related crime to understand what the law considers illegal.

How can I reinstate a driver's license?

If you have been a licensed driver in New Jersey for any length of time, you know that there are many things that may ultimately lead you to have your driving privileges suspended for a while. If this happens, it will be important for you to know how you may get your license reinstated.

Drug crisis in U.S. hurting New Jersey residents

New Jersey residents who are accused of drug crimes know that understanding the full facts of a situation can make a big difference in someone's opinion about what has actually happened. One example of this might be a case in which a person is charged with a criminal offense involving a drug, especially an opioid. One part of the full story in these situations might actually involve a serious drug addiction.

Treatment urged by officers after drug arrests

Many New Jersey residents have heard reports about drug problems plaguing the nation today. Sadly, these drug problems can sometimes lead people into situations in which they participate in or are accused of participating in criminal acts. The downward spiral of drug addiction and crime can be incredibly interwoven. The criminal justice system's approach to simply convicting people of drug crimes and putting them in jail does not appear to have made a positive difference in this.

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