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Narcotics and anxiety drugs part of criminal charge

New Jersey leads the nation in strictly monitoring prescription drug orders including imposing maximum durations for some first-time prescriptions for narcotic drugs. This is an effort on the part of the government to curb what it says is the fraudulent issuing of too many prescriptions for potential financial gain. In the last year, over 30 doctors have been targets of criminal action for allegedly prescribing narcotics when not appropriate.

Man accused of abusing former student

People in New Jersey who are accused of serious criminal offenses should always know that there are many nuances to the laws that may help them in their defense processes. One thing that often comes to light is the difference between what it takes to have a person found guilty of a crime versus what it takes to find a person responsible of a civil accusation. It can sometimes be for this reason that people are not always charged with crimes but may still sometimes be sought after in a civil lawsuit.

Were you really speeding?

If you are like most everyone else in Ocean City, then at some you point, you have likely had to try and come up with a good answer for the question “Do you know what the speed limit is on this road?” Yet there may have been times where you legitimately did not know how to respond due to a lack of familiarity with an area or a failure to have the speed limit clearly posted. In such an instance, you may justified in questioning an alleged violation. Understanding what the expected speed limit is in a certain area may help you in contesting the claim that you were speeding.

Prescription drug addiction issues

When many New Jersey residents think about drug addictions, they may think only about illegal drugs like heroin, cocaine or methamphetamine. While certainly these drugs are known to be addictive and related to many serious criminal charges, they are far from the only substances that could contribute to such situations. As WebMD explains, many prescription medications with viable medical uses may be highly addictive

Woman charged with DUI

New Jersey residents who are investigated for suspected drunk driving may have to undergo many different tests before they are arrested, if that is the outcome of their investigation. These tests include both field sobriety tests and potentially chemical tests. Details of the results may be used by prosecutors to support certain consequences but they may also be used by defense teams if any of the tests were not accurate or performed properly, for example.

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