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December 2016 Archives

Increase in alleged murders in 2016

New Jersey residents who are charged with murder, homicide, manslaughter or other serious crimes can face a challenging road when it comes to their defense processes. Many things contribute to this and public sentiment may well be one of those things. Stereotypes and group thinking about cracking down on crime can make it seem like justice takes a back seat to calming angry people. However, defendants should know that they do have the right to proper defenses when accused of these serious crimes.

New forms of IID technology being tested

One of the penalties that New Jersey residents who are convicted of driving under the influence may experience is the required use of an ignition interlock device. This is a device that must be hardwired into a vehicle and requires drivers to successfully pass alcohol breath tests before being allowed to start vehicles. It is an attempt to prevent repeat instances of drunk driving.

Shoplifting charges in New Jersey

When considering the range of theft-related criminal charges that are possible, New Jersey residents may consider shoplifting to be relatively insignificant. While certainly it may be a lesser offense than some other charges, it is nothing to take lightly or ignore. There may still be serious penalties for a shoftlifting conviction depending upon the circumstances.

New Jersey resident accused of drug crimes in New York

When hearing reports about criminal charges, many stereotypes about the defendants involved can come to mind for New Jersey residents. However, these stereotypes are sometimes far from accurate. For example, many people immediately think that anyone accused of selling drugs has no job and uses drug sales as a way to make money to live on or to avoid otherwise contributing to society.

Distracted driving when using an IID

Most New Jersey residents have heard people talk about the dangers of distracted driving. In the last few years, concerns about this have increased. Texting while driving is commonly the most thought of form of distracted driving but it is far from the only thing that can actually be considered distracted driving.

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