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November 2016 Archives

Officer's drunk driving hearing scheduled soon

New Jersey residents who are arrested for criminal offenses know that the stereotypes associated with many criminal charges are not accurate. For example, it is often believed that people charged with driving while under the influence are generally irresponsible in their lives and may not even hold steady jobs. That is far from true as many highly responsible and professional people find themselves facing these types of charges.

Teen faces life in prison if convicted of murder as an adult

Most New Jersey residents have heard references to people being charged with crimes as adults or as juveniles. While the age of a defendant is what generally may determine whether a person is tried as a juvenile or as an adult, this is not always so black and white.

Lawsuit seeks review of more than 20,000 DWI cases

Once arrested for and charged with driving while under the influence, New Jersey drivers can face a challenging road. A drunk driving conviction can haunt a person for years by establishing a criminal record that may show up on background checks for jobs, housing, loans and more. This is in addition to the possibility of spending time in jail, paying fines and losing the right to drive for a while as well.

How are bail and bond different?

When faced with the prospect of being arrested, New Jersey residents may have a lot of questions. This can be especially so if you have never before been arrested and have little to no experience with the criminal justice system. Most people have probably watched movies with bail bondsmen as characters but may not fully understand what that really means or if they are real. Just what is bail and what is bond?

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