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Push to toughen drunk driving penalties

Certainly people in New Jersey are aware that drunk driving can be a serious problem. When an accident happens and people are injured or killed, it is understandable for the families of those involved to be upset. However, it is also important for people to remember that defendants have rights, too. The drunk driving laws are already tough but if one Republican State Senator has his way, they could get even tougher.

Recently the Senate Law and Public Safety Committee approved a new bill that will continue its journey to becoming law. The focus of this proposed legislation are the charges and penalties surrounding accidents in which a person dies and another driver is charged with impaired operation. This law would also apply to boaters as well as drivers of motor vehicles.

Currently the state has a charge of vehicular homicide. Under the new law, that would change to reckless vehicular homicide and an additional charge of strict liability vehicular homicide would be created. Courts and judges would be able to use either charge depending upon the situation. Strict liability vehicular homicide would require either or both a longer prison sentence and higher fine that today's vehicular homicide charge does.

People who are arrested for DUI charges face a tough road in today's society. Contacting an experienced attorney for help may be a wise decision for anyone who is accused of drunk driving, especially if an accident was involved.


Source: New Jersey Herald, "Oroho introduces new DUI legislation," David Danzis, Oct. 2, 2016

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