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August 2016 Archives

New Jersey woman convicted of aggravated sexual assault

People may find themselves accused of various sex crimes or sexually related acts in New Jersey even if they are not seen participating in any particular act directly. Different types of things may be pointed to as evidene in these cases which can make situations very challenging for defendants.

Points assessed for traffic violations in New Jersey

If you drive in New Jersey, it is important that you have an understanding of how the state evaluates different types of traffic infractions. Not every ticket or citation is considered equal, essentially. In addition to unique fines, each type of citation may result in a specific number of points that may be added to your driving record.

Man pleads guilty to drug-related street crime charge

Many drugs, both legal and illegal, can be addictive and contribute to many challenges for New Jersey residents who take or use them. Much has been reported in recent years about how prescription painkillers can be abused. Involvement with these drugs has also been linked to criminal charges and resulting penalties including time in prison.

Man suspended from job after DUI arrest

No two drunk driving arrest situations are alike. Drivers in New Jersey can find themselves stopped by officers in broad daylight or in the dark early morning hours for any number of violations. In some cases, officers may suspect that a driver is impaired but that may not always be the case. An accident may be the reason for an encounter between an officer and a driver. Additionally, there are many steps that an officer must follow when suspecting that a driver is impaired.

Manslaughter alleged in death of man in his apartment

New Jersey residents who read new stories about criminal charges online or in local newspapers or who see reports on local television should remember that what is published or aired is only part of the story. Often times, a news report can all but make it seem as though someone is guilty before they have even been tried. Fortunately, the legal and criminal justice system clearly works on a different premise that requires a defendant to be assumed innocent until proven otherwise.

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