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April 2016 Archives

New Jersey’s pot penalties

As more and more states in the U.S. legalize recreational marijuana, it is important for people in New Jersey to remember that pot is not legalized here. Even if you visit Colorado or some other state and smoke or consume marijuana in some form there, you are not allowed to do that once you are back in New Jersey. What might happen if you are accused of a pot-related charge in New Jersey? There are different potential penalties based upon the nature of the charges against you.

How domestic terrorism differs from international terrorism

Terrorism has become a term that Americans today may be more familiar with than ever before. But, not all terrorism happens on the soil of other nations as acts that can be alleged to be forms of terrorism may well take place on domestic ground. Just what is domestic terrorism and how does it differ from international terrorism?

How to combat a DUI on your background check

Have you been arrested for drunk driving in New Jersey? If so, you understandably have many questions about what is to come. If you have already been convicted of a drunk driving offense, your questions may not be completely eliminated. This is because the impact of a DUI conviction can last for a long time.

Professional athlete arrested for drunk driving

Drivers in New Jersey who have been arrested and accused of driving while drunk or under the influence of drugs can face an uncertain path at first. Frequently taken away in handcuffs to a police station, they may ultimately be taken to a jail. Here, fingerprints and mug shots are taken. This is just the beginning of the process. How the process plays out can vary from person to person.

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