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What is aggravated arson in New Jersey?

Like most people in New Jersey, you have likely heard references made to arson over the years. While you likely know that it involves the illegal setting of fires, do you really know all that a criminal charge of arson may relate to? If you are charged with such a crime, you will want to educate yourself about it.

What can impact breath test results?

If you have been arrested and charged with a suspected drunk driving offense in New Jersey, you may have been asked to consent to a breath test. Such testing is intended to get a baseline reading for your blood alcohol content. However, is it always accurate? Are there things that can interfere with a final BAC reading?

How plea bargains work

When a person in New Jersey is charged with a crime, there are several ways that the case may be resolved. One of these is by going to trial. Another is through what is referred to as a plea bargain. The American Bar Association explains that a plea bargain is essentially an out-of-court agreement between a defense and a prosecution. Attorneys generally work together to come to the agreement but defendants must certify that they have been part of the process and that they voluntarily agree to the terms of the agreement.

Made-up drug test results leave state searching for answers

Many factors can impact the outcome of a criminal drug charge in New Jersey. The quality of the defense and the evidence presented are two things that can make a difference. It is also possible that some extenuating circumstances involving fraudulent actions may come into play. This is exactly what New Jersey defendants today should be concerned about.

Understanding criminal expungements

If you are a New Jersey resident with a criminal record, you may wish to seek an expungement. An expungement is essentially the removal of items from your criminal record. If this is approved, it is as though you never had the criminal activity on your record in the first place. Receiving an expungement can be highly beneficial to you when looking for a new job, moving to a new residence, requesting credit, or when wishing to sign up for classes.

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