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How a criminal conviction impacts a future job search

New Jersey residents who have prior felony convictions on their records may be concerned about the difficulty involved in getting a job. It is understandable to think that a potential employer could be biased against a candidate with a criminal record. The New Jersey Institute for Social Justice indicates that there are multiple laws in place to help protect the rights of convicted persons when applying for jobs.

What is New Jersey’s law for underage drinking and driving?

If you are under the age of 21 or the parent of a driver who is underage, you should be educated about New Jersey’s laws concerning underage drinking and driving. The threshold by which a driver can be charged with driving while intoxicated is different for a minor than it is for someone 21 years old and over. Similarly, the penalties that may be incurred for such an offense are different for minors.

Jury selection in process for trial of 14 gang members

People arrested for drug-related crimes in New Jersey can sometimes face additional charges. The drug offenses may or may not have been the primary allegations involved in an arrest. A case involving the arrest of 14 people back in 2013 offers an example of this. The defendants are reported to all be members of an El Salvador gang and based in Plainfield, New Jersey.

What is auto-brewery syndrome?

If you are ever arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in New Jersey, you will understand the frightening situation that this can be. Knowing that you may face expensive financial penalties, time in jail and more if convicted can be challenging. To make matters worse, if you know that you are innocent, you may really be unsure of where to turn.

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