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Two men face multiple drug charges

When people are arrested and charged with drug-related crimes in New Jersey, they can end up facing multiple charges at one time. In some cases, the different charges are inter-related but in other cases, some charges can be for separate issues. Two men who were recently arrested in Roselle have been charged with multiple related and unrelated drug offenses.

Murder alleged in case of preschooler

Perhaps one of the most difficult things for people in New Jersey who are arrested to remember is that an arrest does not guarantee a conviction. Being charged with a crime of any nature, especially a felony, can be a very scary experience. This is so whether or not a defendant is actually guilty. With often extreme penalties possible, a person’s life and future can all of a sudden be turned upside town.

Multiple charges face man in Ocean County

Some New Jersey residents may be concerned about the risk of being accused of criminal activity. Among the issues to face when this happens is the fact that it is possible to face more than one type of criminal charge at a time. This may complicate matters and potentially increase the penalties that a person may be at risk of serving.

Juvenile crimes in New Jersey

In New Jersey, there are special processes and terms used for minors who are accused of breaking the law. The New Jersey Courts defines juvenile delinquency as an act by that, if committed by a person 18 or older, would be a violation of some regulation, statute, ordinance or law. This can include acts classified as disorderly person offenses, petty disorderly person offenses or crimes.

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