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Domestic violence charges in New Jersey

Like many other people in New Jersey, you may automatically think about one person physically abusing the other when you hear about domestic violence. Your initial thoughts also likely portray a husband or boyfriend as the alleged perpetrator of the domestic assault on a wife or girlfriend. While certainly this can be the situation, there are many other ways that domestic violence can be manifested.

Gun bill supported in legislature stopped by Governor

New Jersey residents who wish to exercise their right to purchase and own a gun will no doubt be interested to see how this topic is handled in the upcoming presidential election. With the New Jersey Governor currently in the running as a candidate for President, the topic is having an impact on laws and bills within the state as well as in the Governor’s presidential campaign. Weapons charges are clearly something the country and the state will hear a lot about in the coming year.

Problems with field sobriety tests

In New Jersey, you cannot be stopped by law enforcement based solely on a suspicion of intoxication. Officers must have other reasons such as speeding, failing to obey a traffic signal or even a non-functioning headlight in order to pull you over. Once you are stopped, however, an officer can ask you to submit to certain tests if intoxication is suspected. This may include a breath test to get a read on your BAC level. You may also be asked to agree to a field sobriety test.

Woman banned from shopping at Walmart

New Jersey law, like that of other states, differentiates crimes in part based upon their seriousness. Felonies are crimes that are the most severe, such as murder. For other violations that are not as extreme, people can be arrested on a misdemeanor charge. These can include traffic violations such as speeding or reckless driving or other criminal mischief such as shoplifting or harassment. Both felonies and misdemeanors have their own associated sets of penalties for people who are convicted of the charges.

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