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East Orange political figure involved in incident with volunteer

There is an idea that many in Ocean County may ascribe to that states that there are two things people simply don’t talk about in public: Religion and politics. While this is typically said in jest, those two topics are certainly ones that can stir quite a bit of emotion. Those who choose to engage in discourse about them or to become involved in them in their local communities have every right to do so. However, if a moment arises where tensions do run high, people can start saying and even doing things that they may later regret.

The chairman of the county democratic committee in East Orange is currently in hot water after having been involved in an altercation with a volunteer poll watcher. Law enforcement authorities have taped footage of the chairman hitting the much older man during the city council’s primary elections. The disagreement between the two apparently arose because of their differences of opinion over which candidate to endorse. The chairman is seen striking the volunteer in the face on the recording. Compounding matters is that the volunteer who he struck is a partially-blind war veteran. While the chairman was not arrested for his role in the altercation, he will face misdemeanor charges as a result of it.

In any heated altercation, no matter the cause, it’s easy for tempers to flare. Should actions be taken that result in criminal charges, one needs to have help on his or her side to ensure that a momentary breakdown in judgement does not result in overly-harsh consequences. He or she may find such help in the form of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Source: WABC-TV New York “Disturbing video of NJ political official allegedly punching blind army veteran,” Josh Einiger, July 08, 2015  

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