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What are terroristic threats?

Like most people in Ocean County, you've probably heard the old saying about sticks and stones breaking bones, and so forth. However, if you happen to be accused of making terroristic threats, your words may not hurt others, but they certainly can come back to haunt you.  Yet successfully showing that your words were meant to truly terrorize others is often not an easy thing to do.

Field sobriety tests vs, chemical tests

Some of those that we work with here at the Law Offices of Michael T. Nolan, Jr. come to us after having been arrested for refusing a breath test. The confusion over their cases typically lies in the differences between field sobriety and chemical tests. If you are also unclear about how these procedures differ, it may be helpful to explain what distinguishes one from the other. We'll also look at what New Jersey law requires of you regarding a sobriety evaluation.

New Jersey penalties for a first DUI offense

It does not take much to be accused of drunk driving in New Jersey. Many responsible drivers have faced such allegations after simple things like stopping for a casual drink with colleagues on the way home from work. When it comes to protecting your future, understanding how the state of New Jersey handles a first-time DUI or DWI offense can be important.

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