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Appealing a DUI conviction or sentence

A person who has been convicted of DUI in New Jersey may have an opportunity to appeal the court's decision. Though an appeal is usually not heard right after a conviction, the defendant will have to notify the court about their intent to appeal soon after they are convicted of DUI. The defendant may choose to appeal the DUI conviction or the sentence that they were given as a result of the conviction.

The costs of traffic violations in New Jersey

When a driver receives a ticket in New Jersey, the amount of the fine and associated costs will vary according to the alleged violation. Court costs and fine amounts are the same throughout the state for each different violation type. People can find the amount of the fine for their charged violation printed on their ticket. If the officer failed to print it, the person can call their local court for information regarding the amount.

New Jersey police find drunk driver in disabled vehicle

Police say that they discovered a 48-year-old female driver was under the influence of alcohol after responding to a car about a disabled vehicle. When police arrived at the scene on Mountain Road in Pohatcong Township, they noticed that a distinct odor of alcohol was coming from the woman's breath. The driver was asked to take field sobriety tests, which she reportedly did poorly on.

Man charged with possession after receiving LSD package

On March 27, it was reported that a New Jersey man was taken into custody after authorities alleged that he accepted a package that contained LSD. He was ultimately charged with a number of drug offenses, including possession and possession with intent to distribute.

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