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New Jersey man facing drug charges

A Manville man is facing several drug-related charges following a traffic stop search that occurred on Sept. 20. According to authorities, an officer pulled the 20-year-old man over for operating his vehicle without the headlights on. The officer reportedly noted what he thought to be the scent of marijuana emanating from the car and performed a search with the driver's consent. The officer uncovered a bag of marijuana and a glass bong during the search and proceeded to take the man into custody. He is facing several drug possession charges and a charge for failure to maintain headlights.

Penalties for drug crimes, specifically marijuana, are generally based on the amount that authorities seize. However, penalties for possession or distribution of marijuana can be as severe as the penalties for possessing harder drugs, depending on the criminal history of the accused and individual state laws.

In this case, an attorney may first attempt to have the drug possession evidence against the defendant thrown out if the cops performed an illegal search. The defendant may have been improperly Mirandized, and any incriminating statements he or she made may be suppressed. If this is the defendant's first offense, an attorney may also be able to reduce their penalties to probation or the mandatory attendance of a drug program. A drug diversion program does require a guilty plea, but charges against the defendant will be dismissed upon successful completion.

Navigating the court system and complex drug laws without representation in New Jersey can be daunting and risky for defendants. A competent attorney may work diligently to get his or her hands on all information about the defendant's case and might build a defense strategy that produces favorable results for the client.

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Source:, "Manville man arrested on drug-related charges", October 08, 2014

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