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May 2014 Archives

5 arrested for shoplifting from NJ TJ Maxx and Marshall's stores

When residents of New Jersey visit their favorite retail stores to purchase clothing and other items, they often choose the products that they love the most and use coupons and sales for savings. Occasionally, however, some people simply cannot afford what they want or need and they give into the temptation of shoplifting. Because of constantly evolving technologies meant to detect inventory theft, shoplifting has become increasingly difficult to get away with. Shoplifting can lead to serious consequences, which can include large fines and even jail time.

Study shines light on drunk driving and child fatalities

Losing a child in a car crash is one of the hardest things a parent can face; the emotional anguish is likely to be compounded if the parent was behind the wheel at the time of the tragic accident. A recent study shows that the majority of children under 15 who are killed in drunk driving accidents are riding in a car with a drunk driver at the time of the crash.

New Jersey man charged with DUI-related vehicular homicide

According to the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility, there were over 25,000 DUI arrests in New Jersey in 2012. The best strategy for avoiding arrest and the subsequent serious consequences for DUI may be simply not to drink and drive.

New Jersey man charged with child endangerment after overdose

New Jersey's Overdose Prevention Act shields people who have been revived from a drug overdose after a request was made for medical assistance from prosecution for certain drug offenses related to the overdose. Therefore, if a person has overdosed and emergency personnel come to the rescue following medical assistance being requested, that person will generally not be charged with drug crimes based on the incident. However, as one Ocean County man recently learned, this law does not protect you from being charged with other related crimes.

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