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Pair charged in connection to a string of burglaries

It took police nearly a year to conclude their investigation before charging two people for their alleged connection with burglaries that spanned two states.

Since February 2013, a male and female team allegedly committed approximately 20 burglaries in Gloucester and Burlington counties in New Jersey and a neighboring state. According to police, the pair is accused of stealing more than $100,000 worth of items.

The investigation was at a standstill for several months until a victim allegedly entered his home where he claims to have found one of the accused thieves inside. The police later linked the pickup truck allegedly at the scene of this crime to the female who was eventually charged in connection with the string of robberies.

In May 2013, the alleged female burglar was interviewed by police and denied any involvement in the crimes. Authorities used cellphone tower signals and phone records to try to determine the whereabouts of her and her accomplice. They were able to place the phones within an area less than 10 miles from the site of a burglary.

The woman faces 22 felony counts of burglary and theft and the man, currently in New Jersey’s, Salem County Prison, faces 119 felony charges related to burglary.

Felony burglary is a serious crime that can bring with it serious consequences if convicted. If you, or someone you love, has been charged with burglary, it is wise to consult with a criminal defense attorney with the requisite experience and expertise needed to handle the specifics of your case. 

Source: The Times Herald, "Pair charged in 2-state burglary ring after 11-month investigation by Limerick police," Caroline Sweeney, March 21, 2014

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