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January 2014 Archives

Altercation at Brick Chuck E. Cheese leads to 3 arrests

Recently, a dispute at a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in Brick Township led to three arrests. A 44-year-old Toms River man reportedly lost his temper and, according to police, threatened to "shoot up" the restaurant. Police say that he accosted a party-going patron and demanded money, which the Toms River man claimed he was owed.

Good criminal defense may help an arrested New Jersey man

Criminal backgrounds can sometimes follow a person and make more problems for them in the future. Some people with a past criminal record will move to a new location where people do not know them or know about their criminal past. A New Jersey man was recently arrested for allegedly violating his probation after moving across the state border, and he may now have to hire a criminal defense attorney to help him get through this situation.

Theft charges follow separate instances at Lanoka Harbor Walmart

Some people make the mistake of assuming that shoplifting from a major retail store -- Walmart, for instance -- is a victimless crime. While money may be tight for many New Jersey residents, prosecutors will nonetheless seek the severest possible penalties for misdemeanor theft crimes, and people who have been accused of theft will need a strong criminal defense.

4 Ocean County residents arrested after alleged gun sale

A series of events recently spiraled out of control for four Ocean County residents, all of whom are now facing criminal charges. According to police, officers were sent to a 19-year-old man's residence after two men allegedly kicked in his front door. By the time police arrived, however, the suspects had left the scene.

New Jersey DUI charges result from more than traffic stops

There are many circumstances that can lead to an arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in New Jersey, some more unusual than others. An unusual situation is exactly what happened recently to three friends who all are now facing DUI charges. Last month, a 34-year-old woman was pulled over by authorities for allegedly swerving. During the traffic stop, authorities purportedly conducted field sobriety tests, which they say the woman failed, resulting in the arrest. It is unclear what tests were performed, or whether a Breathalyzer test or blood draw was collected.

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