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Five men indicted for heroin distribution

New Jersey law enforcement officers report that five men have been indicted by a grand jury on drug charges related to selling and manufacturing heroin. The group ranges in age from 23 to 52 years of age. Authorities report that the group was arrested earlier in the year for possession of three pounds of heroin. Now, a 10-count indictment has been handed down by an area grand jury.

The distinction between indictment and arraignment can be a crucial difference in a criminal defense case. Defendants should understand that an indictment is handed down by the formal decision of a grand jury. Conversely, an arraignment is simply a hearing conducted to inform the defendants of the charges pending against them in criminal court.

This group was indicted for the possession of $250,000 of heroin. Officers arrested the five men during the early-morning hours on May 8, as one of the men was allegedly driving in a bizarre fashion. Not only did the man's vehicle have a flat tire with its hazard lights on, but official reports show that the vehicle was also traveling north in a southbound lane on a Fort Lee road.

Officers interviewed the driver and were able to determine that he had been visiting a nearby apartment before displaying the odd behavior. Upon arriving at that home, officers said they identified packaging materials inside the house that are generally used to distribute heroin. One officer drew his weapon and entered the home only to find several men packaging drugs. In all, a large quantity of distribution envelopes was confiscated, along with multiple firearms and extra ammunition. Marijuana and other paraphernalia were also identified.

Criminal defense attorneys can play an important role for defendants who are facing drug charges. Not only can these professionals help educate their clients about the pending charges; they can also protect defendants' rights throughout all phases of a criminal proceeding. Criminal defense lawyers can be critical allies in serious cases such as this one.

Source:, "Five men indicted by Bergen County grand jury for heroin manufacturing" Allison Pries, Aug. 19, 2013

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