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Convicted of drug charges, now facing domestic violence dispute

A man already convicted of distributing drugs is again facing a criminal defense case, this time in connection with an alleged assault. The 37--year--old man from Englewood, New Jersey, is accused of physically assaulting his pregnant girlfriend and his 10--month--old son, according to information from local law enforcement.

Authorities report that the alleged victim arrived at an area police station at about 8 a.m. to report that the man had perpetrated the assault. She claimed that he had been out for a night of drinking, and he came home enraged. The woman reportedly suffered with some minor injuries. Her son's head was bruised; his mother said that was due to being hit by a water bottle during the nighttime altercation.

The man was apprehended at his home. He seems to be cooperating with authorities.

Court documents show that the man is currently on probation after spending time in prison because of a drug trafficking conviction. He was charged with domestic violence assault and endangering the welfare of a child, according to law enforcement officers. He remains in custody on a $51,000 bail.

Arrests for domestic assault appear to be on the rise in Bergen County, increasing after the brutal death of a woman and her daughter in January. Officers are on-call 24 hours a day to respond to domestic violence complaints. This was the fourth serious domestic violence incident involving children in Englewood in a single month, according to authorities.

Criminal defendants involved in domestic violence charges should seek the counsel of a qualified attorney. The seriousness of these charges, especially when they include children, can often lead to complicated legal processes that are not easily navigable by lay people. A talented legal team can help educate criminal defendants about the court processes required to enter pleas, negotiate plea bargains and file other important documents. Furthermore, your attorney can help protect your rights as you traverse the legal system.

Source:, "Convicted drug dealer arrested again after alleged assault of pregnant girlfriend, infant son" Dan Ivers, Apr. 26, 2013

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