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February 2013 Archives

Woman accused of embezzlement likely to avoid jail

A woman from Jackson Township has been found guilty of felony theft after she reportedly embezzled thousands from the Charleston Springs Golf Course in New Jersey. The woman, a former golf ranger, was responsible for cash management within the pro shop. She reportedly stole about $3,000 from her employer, which netted a variety of consequences. Authorities report that she was arrested on charges of third-degree theft on Jan. 24.

Driver accused of striking parked car during DWI

When most people think of intoxicated driving, they immediately assume that the alleged perpetrator was consuming alcohol. Despite this common misconception, many other types of intoxicated driving persist, including that involving the consumption of illegal drugs or driving while under the influence of prescription medication. Even people who take recommended amounts of their own medications could face trouble because certain drugs can impair motor function and judgment, leading to a DWI charge.

New Jersey man accused of crack cocaine deal near school

Sale or possession of drugs in a school zone can carry a much heftier penalty than the same activities in other areas. A 55-year-old Newark, New Jersey, man found that out after he was arraigned on drug charges in connection with possession of crack cocaine; additional charges have been added to his case because he was allegedly caught with the drug near a school.

Man likely to plead guilty in shovel assault

A suspect accused of kidnapping and assaulting another man could face an uphill battle in his criminal defense - he allegedly uploaded a video of the assault to Facebook. The man, age 26, faces felony charges for his involvement in the incident, which reportedly included kidnapping, robbery, sexual contact and weapons offenses. He is accused of striking his victim in the head with a shovel, causing him to lose consciousness, before stripping and robbing the man.

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