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January 2013 Archives

Man accused of kidnapping held on $150,000 bond

A Union City, New Jersey, man is facing a series of felony charges in connection with an alleged kidnapping that occurred earlier this month. The man, age 30, has been accused of abducting a child from her apartment in his building. He faces formal charges of child abuse and criminal restraint, along with possession of a controlled substance and lewdness. Media reports have not disclosed the potential sentences associated with each of the charges, though the man is currently being held on $150,000 bond, according to authorities.

Man charged with DWI says he is sick, needs help

A 55-year-old man who crashed his vehicle into a Dunkin' Donuts in Jersey City in August was formally charged with drunk driving earlier this week. The man, who requires an interpreter to communicate with court officials, admitted that he was suffering from an out-of-control addiction, telling authorities that he was very sick.

Toms River man accused of posing as landlord

Renters, beware: Alleged scammers are afoot in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. A woman who was displaced by the storm discovered that she might have been hoodwinked by a 46-year-old Brick man who posed as the owner of a rental property. The man was charged with theft by deception in connection with the incident, which happened in late December. He is mounting a criminal defense against the charges, though he has more than $7,000 in outstanding warrants from other counties in the region.

Wrong-way Wall Township driver faces DUI charges

Wrong-way car accidents are among the most common and deadly hazards on our nation's highways today. People involved in wrong-way collisions are less likely to survive this type of accident than almost any other, which is why police officers are cracking down on violators. Most people who are accused of these violations are either confused elderly drivers or drivers suspected of DUI, according to expert reports.

Sheriff's officer, wife, face child endangerment charges

A sheriff's deputy who has had legal trouble in the past is facing new charges in connection with a child endangerment incident. The man will be mounting a criminal defense against charges that he was intoxicated and trapped himself inside a vehicle with an infant.

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