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Woman accused of slashing neighbors

Jersey City police say they have apprehended a woman accused of slashing her neighbor after an argument about football. The 31-year-old woman faces several felony charges in connection with the incident, according to authorities. She is currently in custody under a $35,000 bail.

Authorities say that the woman's neighbor's daughter had been playing football outside when the ball accidentally struck one of her windows. The defendant is accused of shouting and cursing at the 11-year-old child and her friends. After disciplining their child, the upstairs neighbors came to talk to the woman about the incident. The group was arguing in the hallway when the interaction became violent, according to officers.

The woman reportedly left the hallway, returned and brandished a knife after her boyfriend became involved in the melee. The suspect reportedly had grabbed the mother's hair and punched her in the face repeatedly before returning to her home to retrieve the knife. She is accused of cutting the father's arm and the mother's face in connection with the incident. Those activities have resulted in charges relating to aggravated assault and weapons usage.

Law enforcement officers searched the woman's home after her arrest, and they believe they have recovered the weapon used in the attack. The two victims in the case were treated at local medical facilities for their minor injuries, according to reports.

The suspect in this case could consider pleading guilty to the charges associated with the incident as at least three other people were involved in the altercation, and those parties can testify about her actions during the fight. If the woman chooses to plead guilty, government attorneys may choose to drop or lower some of the charges against her as part of a plea bargain.

Alternatively, if the evidence against the woman is questionable, it is possible that her attorney will advise her to plead not guilty and proceed to a jury trial, where she could avoid any kind of judicial punishment if the jury exonerates her of the crimes.

Source: The Star-Ledger, "Jersey City woman slashes upstairs neighbors during hallway argument, police say," Ana Ferrer, Oct. 27, 2012.

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