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Woman accused of defecating on steps of random house

Many people take misdemeanors more lightly than they should. While these charges are not nearly as serious as felonies, misdemeanors can also bring out serious punishment and tarnish an individual's reputation.

A 45-year-old woman from Rockaway, New Jersey, was recently charged with a numbers of misdemeanors, being taken into custody by police twice on the same day.

During the first time, in the afternoon, she was discovered unconscious in the woods by a passerby, who summoned police. Officers said that she was incoherent and in possession of an open bottle containing an alcoholic beverage when they arrived on the scene to investigate.

Because they believed her to be intoxicated, she was then quickly transported to a nearby medical facility for evaluation and possible treatment, as well as being charged for the possession of the open alcohol container.

Later that evening, she was released from the hospital by medical personnel, but shortly after that, in the early evening, was arrested again by police when they received a complaint that she was engaged in defecating on the front steps of a home. They believe that the home was chosen randomly rather than singled out. They charged the woman with lewdness, and released her without requiring the posting of any bail.

Police claimed that the arrestee had a history of engaging in similar behavior. They said that she been arrested earlier in the summer for stripping naked and going skinny-dipping in a private residence's swimming pool without permission from the property owners, resulting in trespassing charges.

They also stated that she had previously, in June of 2011, been arrested for public defecation, similar to the recent incident, allegedly doing so in a parking lot.

The woman might consider fighting or owning up to her misdemeanor charges, depending what's at stake.

Source: Daily Record, "Rockaway woman charged with skinny dipping in August arrested this month for pooping on steps," Oct. 3, 2012.

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