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Female motorist accused of drunk driving

A female motorist from Asbury, New Jersey, has been accused of drunk driving, resulting in a single vehicle accident. She allegedly lost control of her car, which caused it to veer off the road. The vehicle came to a halt in a ditch near an embankment. The 40-year-old driver was traveling with a 5-year-old passenger, and is also accused of failing to put the girl in a car seat.

Police said that the woman's car, which rolled over onto its roof during the accident, was traveling on an interstate highway at approximately 10 p.m. The vehicle struck a tree located approximately 30 feet from the highway.

The driver and the child had managed to extricate themselves from the car before state police officers arrived at the scene of the accident. Emergency medical responders also arrived at the scene of the crash. Both passengers were transported by ambulance to a medical facility, where the driver was subjected to a chemical blood alcohol test. Reports did not indicate the medical condition of the two, what injuries they may have suffered in the accident, or what the results of the chemical test were.

The driver faces criminal charges of driving under the influence, careless driving, endangering a child's welfare, and failing to place a child in a required restraint system.

Unfortunately, accidents often happen on New Jersey roadways, but not every accident involves drunk driving. While it is a police officer's responsibility to look for signs of intoxication or even to test a driver for it, officers and their equipment are not infallible. Sometimes breath tests are improperly calibrated or field sobriety tests are improperly administered, rendering any evidence obtained unusable in court.

Source: WFMZ-TV, "NJ woman charged with DUI, endangering 5-year-old not in car seat," Sept. 26, 2012

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