Aggressive White Collar Crimes Defense

If you are faced with charges involving white collar crimes, you need to take quick action. The first step is to contact an experienced, aggressive criminal defense attorney who has the experience you need to provide a solid defense strategy.

I am attorney Michael T. Nolan, and I have two decades of experience in the criminal law field, both as a prosecutor and as a criminal defense lawyer. Because I have argued cases on both sides, I understand how to recognize weaknesses in prosecutors' arguments and use that to the advantage of my clients. For more information, call me toll free and arrange a free consultation: 888-415-7141.

What Kinds Of Crimes Are You Accused Of?

White collar crimes can include a variety of charges, ranging from small accounting matters to wide-scale fraud charges. I offer free consultations to prospective clients at my offices in Brick, New Jersey, and I recommend that people contact me so I can take stock of the situation and determine what the best course of action would be.

These types of cases might include, but are not limited to, such matters as:

  • Embezzlement or other financial impropriety at your place of business. These cases often involve people who have access to financial records, bank accounts, payroll systems or company checkbooks.
  • Theft from or swindling a vulnerable person such as an elderly or disabled member of the community. If you are in a position of trust, you could run afoul of these charges.

Regardless of the situation, it's crucial to discuss your case with me as soon as possible. Contact me online or call toll free at 888-415-7141.