Aggressive Defense Against Drug Crimes Charges

Ranging from individuals who are distributing drugs from their homes or vehicles to those who are selling illegal prescription drugs in schools, law enforcement vigorously investigates and prosecutes all forms of drug distribution in Ocean and Monmouth counties.

If you are arrested for drug distribution or possession with intent to distribute, it is important to act quickly to consult with an experienced lawyer. The prosecution is already working to build a case against you. It is important that your interests are fully protected.

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Charged With Possession With Intent To Sell? Get A Lawyer Who Can Help.

The quantity of drugs involved is a serious factor in drug cases. While possession of small quantities of certain drugs may be filed as a disorderly person's offense (also known as a misdemeanor), possession of larger amounts of drugs is considered an indictable offense (also known as a felony in other states). I use the benefit of 20 years of experience to provide aggressive, effective criminal defense representation to clients facing drug offense charges.

My narcotics cases include:

  • Possession with intent to distribute marijuana or other illegal drugs
  • Distribution of marijuana, cocaine, heroin or other illegal drugs
  • Sale or distribution of prescription drugs/prescription drug fraud
  • Drug distribution in a school zone
  • Other drug crimes

School Zone Drug Crimes

School zone offenses and crimes are taken extremely seriously in New Jersey. As such, the potential penalties are much harsher on those convicted. For example, if convicted for distribution of drugs within a school zone (on school property or within 1,000 feet of a school), it is not a matter of if you are sentenced to jail time, it's for how long. Additionally, there are stipulations to parole eligibility that are unique for school zone drug crimes that can result in individuals serving more of their time before becoming eligible for parole.

Attorney Who Cares About Your Future

Whether you have been indicted for prescription drug fraud, a school zone drug crime, possession with intent to distribute or any other drug crime, I will work fervently to attack the evidence against you and build a strong defense strategy tailored to overcome the strategies brought by the prosecution.

Start Mounting Your Drug Crime Defense Today

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