Looking To Have Your Conviction Expunged?

A criminal conviction carries with it far more than the immediate criminal penalties. A mark on your record can jeopardize future career, housing, financing and educational opportunities. At the Law Offices of Michael T. Nolan, Jr., in Brick, New Jersey, I help people clear convictions and arrests from their criminal records through a legal proceeding called "expungement."

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Get A Clean Criminal Record

My New Jersey criminal law firm helps people who have been accused of a wide range of crimes to clear the arrest from public view. I also help people who have criminal records restore their good names. Unfortunately, I cannot erase all criminal convictions. Under New Jersey law, there are certain types of crimes that cannot be expunged, including:

  • Homicide
  • Kidnapping
  • Luring or enticing
  • Aggravated sexual assault (rape)
  • Aggravated criminal sexual contact
  • Criminal restraint
  • Robbery
  • Endangering the welfare of a child
  • Perjury
  • False swearing

In general, any crime not on this list can be expunged, but only an attorney with thorough knowledge of New Jersey law can tell you if your record is eligible for expungement.

What Does It Mean To Get Your Record Cleared Through Expungement?

Once your criminal record is fully expunged, the details of your arrest and conviction will no longer be seen in background checks conducted by most employers (certain government employers may still have access to expunged records) and by the public. You will better your chances with college applications, loan applications, housing applications, credit applications and much more. Also, you will be able to truthfully say on a job application or any other sworn statement that you have never been convicted of a crime — it is as if the conviction never existed.

I have successfully handled numerous expungement cases and know the detailed preparation that it takes to obtain a favorable result.

Start Mounting Your Defense Today

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