I'll Defend You On Arson Charges

If a fire is set or an explosion is caused, there will be an extensive investigation to determine what the intent was of the person who is accused of the arson. When the fire is set intentionally, but is not intended to cause injuries or damages, there may be no cause for criminal charges to be filed. However, if injuries and damages were intended and resulted due to the intent or recklessness, you may be facing harsh state and federal consequences.

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Arson (Arson In The Third Degree)

In general, many arson charges fall under the criteria of third-degree arson. (There are no charges that are considered arson in the first degree, arson in the second degree or arson in the fourth degree.) When a fire is set and it is in a reckless manner, causing injuries or damages, or is set for the purposes of insurance fraud, third-degree arson may be the charge.

Aggravated Arson (Arson In The Second Degree)

When an individual is charged with aggravated arson he or she is accused of causing an explosion or starting a fire with:

  • Intent to put someone else in danger (of death or injury)
  • Intent to destroy a building or other structure
  • Intent to collect insurance compensation for damage to or for the destruction of property when that action puts someone else in physical danger
  • Intent to destroy or damage a forest
  • Intent to damage or destroy a structure in order to exempt the structure from state, local, county laws, ordinances and regulations, and the intent puts someone else in physical danger

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