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Man accused of abusing former student

People in New Jersey who are accused of serious criminal offenses should always know that there are many nuances to the laws that may help them in their defense processes. One thing that often comes to light is the difference between what it takes to have a person found guilty of a crime versus what it takes to find a person responsible of a civil accusation. It can sometimes be for this reason that people are not always charged with crimes but may still sometimes be sought after in a civil lawsuit.

Understanding what may be considered terrorism

New Jersey residents today should not be unfamiliar with reports of suspected terrorist activity. This is something that may be part of news headlines on a relatively regular basis whether domestically or internationally. But, just what might constitute an allegation of terrorism? Understanding this is important for anyone who finds themselves a target of such an allegation.

Defense requests change of venue for trial

When New Jersey residents must experience trials after being charged with criminal offenses have rights just as much as do other people. One of these most basic rights is a fair trial. In some cases, this may not be possible and therefore defense teams may seek to request a new location for trials. Such is the case today for one man facing charges of attempted murder.

Can I buy an antique gun in New Jersey?

If you are gun collector and enthusiast in New Jersey, you may seek out historical firearms to add to your collection. Many of these items can be rare and valuable and even those that are not associated with a high dollar value, they may be a great perk to you personally just because of your interest in them and their associated historical periods. But, do you know what weapons you may or may not need an identification card in hand in order to purchase?

Understanding indictments in New Jersey

If you have ever been confused about the criminal justice process or terms you hear related to it, you are not alone. Many New Jersey residents are also unsure about how this process works and that lack of understanding can be a scary thing when all of a sudden faced with a criminal charge. Getting a bit of clarity about what might happen is important at this time.

Increase in alleged murders in 2016

New Jersey residents who are charged with murder, homicide, manslaughter or other serious crimes can face a challenging road when it comes to their defense processes. Many things contribute to this and public sentiment may well be one of those things. Stereotypes and group thinking about cracking down on crime can make it seem like justice takes a back seat to calming angry people. However, defendants should know that they do have the right to proper defenses when accused of these serious crimes.

Teen faces life in prison if convicted of murder as an adult

Most New Jersey residents have heard references to people being charged with crimes as adults or as juveniles. While the age of a defendant is what generally may determine whether a person is tried as a juvenile or as an adult, this is not always so black and white.

New Jersey woman convicted of aggravated sexual assault

People may find themselves accused of various sex crimes or sexually related acts in New Jersey even if they are not seen participating in any particular act directly. Different types of things may be pointed to as evidene in these cases which can make situations very challenging for defendants.

Manslaughter alleged in death of man in his apartment

New Jersey residents who read new stories about criminal charges online or in local newspapers or who see reports on local television should remember that what is published or aired is only part of the story. Often times, a news report can all but make it seem as though someone is guilty before they have even been tried. Fortunately, the legal and criminal justice system clearly works on a different premise that requires a defendant to be assumed innocent until proven otherwise.

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