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Woman Nabbed for DWI Twice in Two Days

A woman from Sparta, New Jersey is facing her second DWI in just two days after a series of mishaps during the last week of March. The woman was reportedly arrested on suspicion of drunk driving after fellow motorists called police about her strange driving habits.

Authorities report that the 33-year-old woman's vehicle was illegally parked across multiple handicapped spaces in a retail store lot when she was confronted by police. The complaint was submitted by fellow motorists at about 8:20 p.m. on March 25, according to media reports. Officers discovered that the woman and her husband were both in the vehicle; the husband was behind the wheel of the parked car, but it appeared that his wife had driven to the store before going inside.

Physician Charged with Oxycodone Sales

A popular New York physician once hailed for bringing better healthcare to impoverished Latino populations is facing drug charges in connection with an alleged smuggling ring for Oxycodone. The doctor is accused of selling prescriptions to as many as 100 people on a regular basis, according to official reports. Authorities said the man may have netted as much as $10 million in connection with the alleged distribution efforts.

Investigators said the supposed drug ring spanned a four-state area and involved scores of participants. About 500,000 Oxycodone pills were moved during the 18-month lifetime of the operation. Those pills were distributed using 4,500 prescriptions written by doctors at the Itzamna Medical Center in Manhattan. Oxycodone, a high-level painkiller, is known to be highly addictive.

Substitute Teacher Charged with Sexual Assault

A substitute teacher from New Jersey has been charged with sexually assaulting a student during a 16-month period at the Perth Amboy High School. The man, 29, faces felony charges in connection with the accident, including sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child. Authorities said the man's alleged relationship with the teen began in November 2011 and continued through February 2012.

Prosecutors have accused the man of meeting the girl at his home, where they engaged in sexual activities. The girl is now 17 years old.

Two Men Accused of Heroin Possession, Distribution

Two people accused of selling drugs out of an Orange County, New Jersey, hotel room were reportedly arrested for possessing 1,900 bags of heroin. The men, ages 29 and 30, also allegedly had stashes of crack cocaine and cash in the room. They are facing a variety of drug charges in connection with the accusations; those charges include possession with intent to distribute heroin.

Authorities report that the two men were found with the heroin, along with seven grams of crack cocaine and more than $2,300 in cash. They are both being held in the Ocean County jail because they have not posted the required $250,000 bail.

Woman facing criminal charges after baring breasts

A New Jersey woman has been charged with lewdness after allegedly exposing her breasts in the middle of the road on March 6. The woman, age 56, reportedly pulled up her shirt and bra after stepping out of a vehicle on Lexington Boulevard in Barnegat. Security cameras caught the woman's late-night activities. She will be mounting a criminal defense against the lewdness charge as well as additional charges related to an outstanding warrant.

A police officer found the woman and her car shortly after the incident, and the woman was immediately taken into custody.

N.J. officer pleads guilty to DUI, gets lenient sentence

A 34-year-old New Jersey state trooper has admitted that he was intoxicated during a July 2012 accident in which he struck two parked cars and crashed his police vehicle into a creek. The man was driving the unmarked police car while he was off-duty. Lake Como authorities report that the man pleaded guilty to the drunk driving charges in connection with the incident. The man's driver's license has been suspended for three months, and he was fined $514.

Local officers report that the man was arrested at his home in Spring Lake Heights shortly after the incidents. No one was injured during the collisions, but a significant amount of property damage was incurred. The man has been suspended without pay since the arrest, and an ongoing investigation will continue through the department's internal affairs office.

Suspects arrested for alleged shooting

Two men have been arrested in connection with the death of the 18-year-old son of a former police officer in the Trenton, New Jersey, area. The men, aged 22 and 20, were arrested on Feb. 26 and 27 after allegedly gunning down the teen just one day before. The older suspect is facing several felony charges, including murder, burglary and weapons violations, among others. The younger suspect also faces weapons charges for his role in the death.

Details of the crime have been scarce in the media, though it appears that the young man was shot inside a house following a dispute with the suspects. His car had been damaged in an altercation with the suspects, according to initial reports. Authorities recovered the vehicle used by the suspects on Tuesday, the same day as the arrests.

Woman accused of embezzlement likely to avoid jail

A woman from Jackson Township has been found guilty of felony theft after she reportedly embezzled thousands from the Charleston Springs Golf Course in New Jersey. The woman, a former golf ranger, was responsible for cash management within the pro shop. She reportedly stole about $3,000 from her employer, which netted a variety of consequences. Authorities report that she was arrested on charges of third-degree theft on Jan. 24.

The woman pled guilty to the charges, a move that likely lessened the punishment she will face in connection with the crimes. She will almost certainly stay out of jail, instead serving probation and paying back the money she stole from the golf course. The woman will also be banned from working in any public office in the state.

Driver accused of striking parked car during DWI

When most people think of intoxicated driving, they immediately assume that the alleged perpetrator was consuming alcohol. Despite this common misconception, many other types of intoxicated driving persist, including that involving the consumption of illegal drugs or driving while under the influence of prescription medication. Even people who take recommended amounts of their own medications could face trouble because certain drugs can impair motor function and judgment, leading to a DWI charge.

A 48-year-old man from Bayonne has been accused of intoxicated driving after he allegedly struck another vehicle with his Jeep Grand Cherokee. Authorities report that the man was unsteady on his feet and he was slurring his speech while talking with emergency medical responders at the scene. A witness reportedly saw the man strike a parked car and then drive away.

New Jersey man accused of crack cocaine deal near school

Sale or possession of drugs in a school zone can carry a much heftier penalty than the same activities in other areas. A 55-year-old Newark, New Jersey, man found that out after he was arraigned on drug charges in connection with possession of crack cocaine; additional charges have been added to his case because he was allegedly caught with the drug near a school.

The New Jersey man had reportedly been under surveillance by the Essex County Bureau of Narcotics. Authorities allege that the man was caught with 164 grams of crack cocaine. He is facing charges of drug possession and possession with intent to distribute, according to investigators.

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