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Driving points and records in New Jersey

Have you ever received a traffic ticket in New Jersey? If you are like most people, you have had at least one ticket in your lifetime. This does not mean that you are a dangerous driver although sometimes the law can make you feel that way. Even driving five miles over the speed limit can find you facing fines and even points on your driving record.

Officer faces second drunk driving charge in a year

If ever faced with a drunk driving arrest, New Jersey residents may well feel ashamed and even embarrassed. This can be due in part to the stereotype that society creates regarding people who are charged with DWIs. Thoughts of careless, reckless people initially come to mind. However, the reality is that very responsible people can get into these situations and be accused of driving while impaired. This even includes those in law enforcement themselves.

Officers make two drug arrests on same night

New Jersey residents who have ever been arrested or know people who have been arrested understand how challenging these situations can be. One of the things that can be hard is how reports can give the appearance of guilt even though defendants are supposed to be presumed innocent unless proven guilty.

Self-defense and necessity as affirmative defenses

Simply being accused of a crime does not mean that a person is actually guilty of that crime. Similarly, a New Jersey resident may have done something that is illegal but the surrounding circumstances may have made the choice to do so reasonable. This is what the Cornell University Law School explains is the basis of an affirmative defense. A defendant admits to a particular act but offers some reason as to why it was done so as to reduce or eliminate any criminal liability.

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