Murder And Manslaughter Charges Require A Skilled Attorney

It goes without saying that criminal charges such as murder, attempted murder and manslaughter are ones that can change your life forever. You must act quickly to contact an attorney who can work to protect your rights, prepare an aggressive defense, and stand by you during this difficult time.

At my law firm, the Law Offices of Michael T. Nolan, Jr., I am ready to step in to help you with two decades of experience as an attorney working in criminal justice cases. I am willing to take on even the most difficult of cases that have the most serious of consequences for the benefit of my clients in Toms River, Brick and throughout New Jersey.

Call On Our Firm In A Homicide Case

There are many serious offenses you could be charged with if you are suspected of being involved in the death of another person. Examples of this include:

  • First-degree murder, which involves planning the crime in advance
  • Second-degree murder, which may take place in the heat of passion
  • Manslaughter, which is an unlawful killing, but could be classified as voluntary or involuntary

It's important to note that not all homicides are illegal. Self-defense may be a viable explanation for the death of another person.

The circumstances of your individual case will dictate how I will proceed with the case and how you can expect the case to unfold. Contact me at my firm for a free consultation so we can get started as soon as possible. Call me today at 888-415-7141 or complete and submit my online contact form.